Dexter — Sweded


We had to make a sweded version of a video. We chose Dexter. The whole team loves the show and we thought it would be fun to do. I was in charge of the Direction of Photography, edit and Color Grading.

This is the result. It's quite a good result considering that we worked under a very tight budget and we had very little time to work on the color correction and after effects.

Set b&w

I edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and color corrected with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve. It was quite hard to Color Grade deeply using 8bit video. Even though we recorded using Technicolor Cinestyle.

Set b&w

Here you can see a timelapse of how we worked and a video comparing the shots before and after the Color Grading.

The team: Director: Ricard Haro, Director of Photography/Editor: Aleix Castells, VFX: Ferran Rosàs, Producer: Judit Peñaranda, Audio and production assistant: Luis Romero. Dexter: Joan Roig.