Misterlopez.com is a website that helps you find a professional that suits your needs. For example, if you need someone to build a table for you, it will provide you with a list of peope who are up to the task and it will handle the work/money exchange, in order to simplify your life. My part was to help design the look of the images and later on to take them. Visit the site right here misterlopez.com.


All images are shot in 85mm f/2 (aprox.) and using either natural light or very difused sudio light. The look we were going for is warm, personal yet serious. It's a very challenging task. I do not get to choose or even scout the location before the shooting and it's very hard to maintain the look we are going for. Also, the professionals are not always used to being in front of the lens, and it takes some skill to make them look as good as they can.


It's a very rewarding project for me. I love working with misterlopez.com. Great website, great people and my awesome photography partner Luis Romero.